May 5, 2009


Just listened to Fight for Love, the follow-up album to the debut disc by Elliott Yamin. We all knew the man from American Idol Season Five could sing, but whoa!

This is the work I've been waiting for. Quite the surprise! Elliott wraps his warm but manly voice around some pretty excellent tunes. The title song is really the first great one on the album, but it just keeps getting better. From You Say all the way through Someday, the artistry and heart felt delivery result in a disc that is stronger than the first one. No sophomore slump here! Production is crisp and styles are varied. But it is Elliott's voice that's the defining element, and it is used to wonderful effect on all the backgound vocals.

The biggest revelation? Elliott can write them as well as sing them. In fact, the best songs here come right from his pen.

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