May 2, 2009

Merriweather Pleasure, At Your Service

As I mentioned yesterday in my Disney-MGM Studios 20th Anniversary post, 1989 was a year of major expansion for Walt Disney World. It was quality expansion as well. The projects like Pleasure Island, were first class, well designed, and as expected, very popular with guests.

The image above is one of very few pieces of concept art to have been made public. The Adventurer's Club, rest in peace, was an astoundingly complex nightspot. The Club's principal Imagineer, Joe Rohde, would later go on to be the team leader selected to design the beautiful Animal Kingdom theme park just a few years later. Full of audio-animatronics and wonderful live actors, the place buzzed with quirky activity upon its official opening on May 1 of that same year.
(Artwork copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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