May 20, 2009

Denver Ink

After a year of planning, my youngest son came home with a tattoo. We had asked he graduate from high school first, then get a job prior to beginning college before ink hit skin. To his credit, he chose to honor our request. This is partially because he is a great young man, and partially because he didn't want a fight on his hands!

Being a fan of "virgin skin", I can still appreciate the artistic side of it all. I know many people, including my youngest daughter, who shares his decision. What did he get inked forever on him? An image of Jesus and his crown of thorns. Some may scoff, but I say we are either drawing closer to or farther away from Jesus by what we do and how we live. If my son's choice helps him always remember to put God first, what Dad can complain? What will I choose today? What about you? Whether it is inked in our skin or not, what we choose makes its own imprint on our souls and spirits- as well as our bodies. Lord, help me choose wisely today.

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