February 23, 2009

A Plea

Oh, Lord, how I need you today! You have blessed me so much, it almost feels as if I shouldn't come to you and ask for more. But what I ask for is to know you more, to feel your gracious presence, to feel joy again.

I know this is just another one of those seasons when you go into the deepest parts of me to make me stronger and more dependent on you. But, oh, it is a lonely and scary place sometimes. You are so faithful Lord and have never closed your eyes to me or forgotten my face. Please bring back the joy. I know I sound like King David and even maybe a bit dramatic, but I know, Jesus, that you are not offended or afraid of my deepest and honest emotions.

In good and in bad, Lord, I trust you. You let me have and do so much- and I am so thankful for me recent opportunity to escape and play at Disney. Yet, it is time to once again engage in real life and face difficulties. Thank you for your grace and strength.

Today, I choose to bless you regardless of what the day brings!

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