February 9, 2009

Monday Morning Blues

Songs have been sung about it. Movies have been made. It’s probably the main cause for groaning on Sunday night, and the universal subject around water coolers of the office on Monday mornings.

So, it seems to me that the following is a good reminder for the beginning of yet another week:“Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you.Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord,because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”
I Corinthians 15:58

Thank you, Lord, for the practicality of your word. Let’s be honest here: if our faith was strictly set in the realm of the philosopher but it couldn’t work in our real world, what good is it? But just what is “the work of the Lord”?I would venture to say that this goes back to the very beginning.

If we look in the book of Genesis to the creation and God’s plan for Adam, we see God gave him meaning work in tending the garden and also a wonderful helper for relationship. This is the same plan for each of us today.Whatever position you find yourself in, God has given you work to do and an opportunity to represent Him to those you labor with. He sets the place for us to be able to share Man’s need for God and His love expressed through Jesus, making the forgiveness of sins possible. Do you see these prospects in your workplace? Which folks are sensitive to God’s calling? Who needs encouragement?

The arena of the workplace provides us the chance to practice all the “one anothers” in Scripture. We get to be the hand of God- loving, challenging, and encouraging each person we encounter as He gives opportunity. It is great when it all comes together and we see God’s purposes and plans for us!

So, let’s choose today to stand firm and give ourselves to His work. He is always at work. Let’s join Him. The opportunities and rewards are right before us.

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