February 27, 2009

Goodbye Rocky Mountain News!

Wow. Today is my day off, so I ususally sleep in a little later than normal. Just went to the driveway and picked up the newspaper. Today is the last day the Rocky Mountain News will be printed. The end of an era.

When we relocated here in 1989 from California via Oregon (a lon story for another time), the News was my guide to a whole new life. I relied on it to bring me international, national and local news unbiasedly and fairly presented- and it did. Yet it also displayed its unabashed love for Colorado and taught me what it meant to be a Colorado citizen- to enjoy the state's pleasures and protect its resources.

I'll miss you- my Saturday morning coffees on the patio with the paper won't ever be the same. And as for that other newspaper, well, they just fall short in so many areas.

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