December 1, 2008

Raising the Banner

After the recent and successful reopening of Sleeping's Beauty's Castle walk through, is there any doubt Disneyland is the park to emulate in the United States?

This single park contains the ultimate stateside versions of most all the "E" Ticket attractions plus many unique ones as well. When you measure in the charm factor, only Disneyland Paris comes close. Epcot is majestic, Tokyo Disney Sea amazing, and Disney's Animal Kingdom enthralling, but only Disneyland in California has the indescribable flavor of Walt himself.

Sure, Tomorrowland needs a little bit of vision beyond its current incarnation, and yes, California Adventure is still a mess of a second resort gate, but the original Magic Kingdom, remains the best of all!

Perhaps the reopening of the castle is the beginning of a renaissance at the park. Could a return of the Peoplemover be next? Maybe the Skyway? Perhaps a grand new adventure in Frontierland? No one knows. But one thing seems certain in this post-Pressler era, something wonderful is happening at the original and the best Magic Kingdom!

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