November 26, 2008

Where Has All the Magic Gone?

David Copperfield and The Walt Disney Company had great plans in the 1990s. A showcase for his magic and special effects would have been a great addition to the Disney-MGM Studios, but it was not to be. The latest misfire seemed to be one more disappointment and reminder to fans that this park was quickly losing its focus.

Although there would be some new projects to bring life to the Studios, including Fantasmic and Rock 'N' Roller Coaster, the executives and designers were struggling to find a new and workable direction. Bringing television filming and live productions to Florida was something that just wasn't happening for the company. The Tram Tour drew fewer and fewer numbers as Catastrophe Canyon became the only true standout in an otherwise boring attraction. The Great Movie Ride was in dire need of revamping. It was not pretty.

In the last decade, this park has survived due to the sheer power of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, but that is about to finally change. The magic would arrive in the form of a lamp, and the renaissance would begin.

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