November 12, 2008

Running a Successful Race

In the last couple of years, running on the treadmill has become a regular form of exercise for me. Whether it is due to my own sense of clumsiness or desperation, I always stop and pray as I first get on it. “Lord, protect me, and help me finish the race and finish well.” I pray as I run, putting to the Lord the burdens I carry. All this running gives me plenty of time to think about my life and where I am.

Even though I can see my body changing over time, I cannot physically see how my spirit is changing and growing. But by my actions, I can gauge who I am becoming.

My words reflect what I have been taking in: the TV shows and movies I watch, the books read, the music heard. My priorities and values mirror the company I keep- another good reason to continue in fellowship- and the attitudes of my heart reflect how I’ve used my time. I am taking on the image of my influences- whether I like it or not.

If I am going to finish my race well, I need to deliberately choose who and what is molding me. This goes way beyond accountability. We’re not only talking accountability, but also receiving wise counsel, vulnerability with the Lord, and making right choices that please Him.

Who and what are molding you?

Look back at this recent season of time. Are old sin patterns slipping back in or are you finding increasing victory? That’s a good indicator of where you are spiritually and who you are becoming. Are your choices and priorities reflecting a desire to become more like your Lord Jesus or do they reflect other things in your heart? Put another way- is there anything crowding out your relationship with Jesus? Chances are, if you are too busy or too tired, something’s gotta go. If nothing changes, it is only a matter of time before the walls come crashing down.

We serve a jealous God who wants intimacy with us. He prizes his relationship with you. Keep pressing in and don’t give in. Call out for help to God. He will hear you. He wants to see you make it and finish the race well. That means finish the race looking like Jesus.

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