November 14, 2008

Dumbing Down the Resort

In one of the more foolish moves made by Disney management for the Florida resort, the green light was given for the Pop Century Resort. The concept art shown above may look appealing, but the final result is guilty of bringing the property to an all time low. It is the kind of project that would have fit perfectly with California Adventure at its opening!

Thankfully, an additional section of the motel complex was left unfinished. If Disney were truly wise, wanting to show a bit of class and a proving a commitment to return to the glory days of old, they would bulldoze the leftovers and let the land return to its original state. This would signal an intelligent shift had taken place. It is certainly not asking too much.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Mark. I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. My family stayed at Pop on our trip last year, an we're doing it again in December. While I agree that it could've been more, Pop is a joyous, fun resort with lots to explore. It's far better than the bland, uninspired All Star resorts, and the transportation is the best of any value resort I've stayed in.