August 7, 2008

Taste of Wales

Here's a fun little travelogue photo. Cardiff, Wales is a great place for a visit if you're headed over to the United Kingdom. It's the capital city right on the water, and it has the distinction of being very sophisticated, with a nautical feeling and a very Old World ambience all at once. The people are very friendly, the food is decent, and the sights worth a look. Had the pleasure one night of going out with one of our friends to a coffee house named "A Shot in the Dark". It was open late, much like pub hours, and had a theme of sorts being about mystery novels. A great after dark hangout.

Cardiff is a terrific city for walking. You'll hit signs like the one above all around town. The government is encouraging its citizens to once again learn and use the Welsh language. As you can see by the sign, its quite a puzzle!

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Biblioadonis aka George said...


Cardiff is also the headquarters for Torchwood!

(Yes, clearly flying my Doctor Who geek flag!)