August 14, 2008

Still a Gem!

Here's a wonderful old photo of my French Canadian grandmother. She was beautiful then, and even today at 90, she is still beautiful. There was always that glimmer, that sparkle in her eyes. Full of life and full of laughter.

I spent many wonderful summers with her. We would talk, bake, play cards, and sit on her porch swing drinking lemonade. She made chores fun. She knew me well and knew what I loved. Memere never had much in material goods or wanted much for herself, but she gave away what she had and did it with a joyful heart. Each year when I was a youngster, she would wrap up a Disneyland ticket book as my Christmas gift. It was a sacrifice, but she knew it would put a smile on my face, so it put a smile in her heart.

We still talk on the telephone and visit in person as much as we can. We're a thousand miles apart now, but I can hear the life and laughter in her voice. If I really want to watch her light up, we talk about our love for Jesus. He is the One who puts the sparkle in her eye and the love in her heart. My grandmother is a wonderful, godly woman. "Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised." (Psalm 31:30). Love you, Memere. I really do.

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