August 29, 2008

Making a Difference in Montana

Helping folks has always been a hallmark of a true follower of Jesus. And the great thing is, there is no age limit in who can participate, no gender discrimination, no racial barriers. A group of teens and a few adults working with them, left from our church for a weeklong service project on one of the reservations in Montana. This was quite a different project from previous years at Juarez, Mexico, or serving meals all day at the Los Angeles Rescue Mission.

Playing with the kids and enjoying the beautiful creation was only part of the week. Painting and repairing houses and other tribal buildings was also part of serving the community. Our group worked with a wonderful service organization called Youth Works. This group encourages and organizes groups of teens to go make a practical difference in their world and the world around them.

Of course, as with anytime we work helping others, there are always moments we enjoy! Fun and work can go hand in hand. Or "hands in hands", as you can see below.

In the quiet and restful peace of the evening, our team had a chance to enjoy some time recharging their batteries through prayer, Bible study, and reflective worship music. They know God is the one who gives them strength!

In the New Testament, the book of James reminds us that faith without service to others is worthless. Of course, Jesus demonstrated this same principle. He always took care of people's needs as he ministered to their spiritual needs. Service should always accompany our words, and we should always look for opportunities to bless and encourage others with our words as we serve. It's passing on Jesus' heart. Loving people with practical truth. In other words, Christianity 101! 

(Pictures courtesy TK.)

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Auntie Deb said...

This brought tears to my eyes Mark! You must be so proud of Timothy (and all the others). He has a servants heart, what more could you possibly ask for? Love you Timothy!!