August 12, 2008

Common Question

Often, as a follower of Jesus, the most common question I get is "How do I hear what God's will is for me?" Pretty valid and important question, if you ask me. The answer is actually very simple.

The beginning of hearing the answer starts with a preparation of the heart, the willingness to have an open heart to what He wants to say. Once the heart attitude is right, discerning what God is speaking comes from four sources: The first is the Bible. The second source is Prayer. Next is the counsel of wise people. Lastly, circumstance can be a source as well. There should be a commonality of themes and answers as we seek God, but each of the last three sources will always be in full agreement with what can be found in God's Written Word.

Of course, hearing what God is saying is only one part, being obedient to Him is the appropriate follow up response. In the weeks ahead, I will go into each segment of the "How To"s in more detail. It's great to love and serve a God who desires to be intimately involved with the details of our lives because of His great and enduring love for us. He is the One we can trust and lean on when everyone else walks away. Thank you, God!

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