July 25, 2008

A Hoax and a Hope at Animal Kingdom

Let me state up front that the "concept art" above is (poorly) photoshopped by me. But let's pretend for a moment...

Rumors abound in what Disney will do in Florida in response to the emerging world of Harry Potter. These include a revamped and amazing Journey into Imagination at Epcot, Monsters Inc coaster for Disney's Hollywood Studios, and a Little Mermaid attraction for the Magic Kingdom. All bound for Florida by 2011 or 2012 depending on your web sources. Why nothing for Animal Kingdom? Disney loves to market with a "something new at every park approach".

If Beastly Kingdom is truly dead, what about importing the premier and centerpiece attraction from Tokyo Disney Sea- Journey to the Center of the Earth? A detailed attraction with a popular and thrillingly used ride system. Oh yeah, comes complete with a show building of instant recognition and it is inhabited by a fantasy-inspired Lava monster. Makes for a pretty enticing first impression walking into the park. (By the way, below is the original artwork that I used. It is for an alternative impression of the Tree of Life.)

So, check out the "art" in larger form and see what DAK's skyline could look like. Here's hoping! 

(And come back Monday for some real concept art- an Epcot you've probably never seen before. Original artwork copyright the Walt Disney Company.)

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Bill Kennedy said...

Appreciate the art... here's hoping for DAK.