June 24, 2008

The Message

Plainly, this is a great book. It is the sheer simplicity of the message and its presentation that makes it so compelling. It is a tale as old as time itself. Truth be known, at its core, it is a love story. The simple true love story that unfolds in a way you've never read before. Here's the plot: God's love for men and women is so deep and rich and his plan for them powerful and unique. Because of the sorrow, pride, and brokenness of ours souls and spirits and the way we live our lives, we are separated from the one who loves us so. This state of being keeps us from fully understanding what our lives could be.

Thankfully, due to his great and sacrificial love, our lead character sends his son Jesus to the earth to die for us, our mistakes, and the tragedy that our lives become. This is the only gift that accomplishes what God desires for us, inner peace, joy, and a reunited life in him. This amazing gift is given but must be opened by us. No one else can choose to take this gift for us. We each make our own decision.

The author, Eugene Peterson, tells this biblical love story in a modern but not dated, warm and relational way, keeping the substance of the message without using archaic language. Read it for yourself. It is a timeless message about a timeless Gift.

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