June 20, 2008

Amazing "Journey"

This may end up being one cheesy film, but every once in awhile, you just have to indulge! And I cannot wait for this. One of my favorite and classic Jules Verne novels made into film many, many times. I even like the casting. Brendan Fraser knows how to balance goofiness with true action heroics as seen in the Mummy series. He'll be great fun to watch here.

This story as a theme park attraction forms the centerpiece of Tokyo Disney Sea's Mysterious Island, an area based on Mr. Verne's imaginative novels. It's quite popular. The rumor of this showing up as a stateside attraction comes and goes in cycles. Hopefully one day, the rumors hold true with an attraction becoming fleshed out in steel and concrete. I'll be first in line at opening.
(By the way, on Monday I'll have that other rarely seen Space Mountain concept art up on the blog.)


Anonymous said...

If you get a chance, see it in 3D. I know many people will say that 3D is just a gimmick, but trust me, if you see the new Digital 3D you'll thank me for spending the extra couple dollars. This film was shot with the new 3D camera technology, so it's not quasi-3D or 3D that's done afterwords in a studio. It's the real thing - and I guarantee you'll love it and that it's the future of cinema!

Anonymous said...

I believe Bush Gardens Florida has (or had) a journey to the center of the earth ride.