April 14, 2008

Starry, Starry Night

Just returned from a Rocky Mountain retreat. Venturing to the rooftop to view the evening sky with the stars and moon in their glory, I was once again mesmerized by their beauty. Later that weekend, I was given the opportunity to view the video below- and I sat in my chair stunned at what I heard and saw.

Start here: http://www.bethlehemstar.net/. This amazing website is chock full of scientific data with Biblical references surrounding the appearance of the Bethlehem Star. This is the star that was used to announce the birth of Christ to the Wise Men of old. It later chronicles the changes in the sky that were reported to occur at Jesus' crucifixion. I didn't have to be a rocket scientist or a theologian to understand it, it was that well laid out.

Do you like what you see? The DVD mentioned is really well done, and worth every penny. Mind-blowing stuff. Even without the spiritual overtones, someplace where you can explore the constellations belongs in Epcot.

This single endorsement intrigued me:

"About 99.9% of the Star of Bethlehem stuff is nutty, but this isn't that. It's well-researched and reasonable."—Ronald A. Schorn, Ph.D.—Schorn founded and served as Chief of the Planetary Astronomy department at NASA and was Technical Editor of Sky & Telescope magazine. He is the author of Planetary Astronomy."

Worth a look- I promise. You'll never look at the night sky the same again.

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