April 15, 2008

Donna Summer: No Ordinary Girl

Love to peruse the books found on the bargain table, and I ran across something I didn't expect: a Donna Summer autobiography entitled Ordinary Girl. All I really knew about her personal life amounted to not much more than her infamous beginnings as a moaning disco singer. Sure, I'd heard her on the radio in the seventies and early eighties- you couldn't turn the thing on without that happening. Since I had a soft spot for her out-of-the-box take on MacArthur Park and some time to spare, I picked it up and sat down. Wow.

This gal has had quite the life, all the blessings and hardships anyone could expect- and more. Crisis after crisis brought her to a place of considering suicide. Donna eventually had what could only be called a powerful, life-changing experiencing with God. It turned her life - and her earthly fortunes- around. An amazing story. Gotta read it to believe it.

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