April 28, 2008

A Mickey Mouse Decision?

The fact that Michael Eisner received his star on the Hollywood walkway did not go unnoticed by his fans and foes. The general media at large made little of this ceremony last week, but the internet discussion boards and blogs wouldn't let this pass by for good reason. The man is either a hero or nemesis to Disney fans.

Strictly from a Disney park and resort perspective, Eisner is both. On the plus side, this man bought the parks out of a creative slump by bringing in outside creative talent while simultaneously increasing prices. The same hero responsible for attractions as great as Tower of Terror, Animal Kingdom, Splash Mountain and Indiana Jones Adventure, not to mention Tokyo Disney Sea and Disneyland Paris, rightfully caused his popularity rating to drop with the greenlighting of many creative disappointments, culminating in California Adventure.

Wherever we stand of the issue of Eisner, one thing is certain: this single man changed the face of themed resorts, putting his unique stamp on the four corners of the Disney world.

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