April 8, 2008

The Italian Job

An elaborate fraud has been perpetuated! A bank heist? An unauthorized transfer of funds from a multinational company? No. This eleborate fraud has been pulled off by the Walt Disney Company. Most of us in the United States will never know of it.

No, these are not more photos from our trip to Europe. These are shots of Tokyo Disney Sea taken from their 5th Anniversary souvenir book. (As usual, all copyrights belong to the Walt Disney Company.)

Just look at the care put into their recreation of Venice, known here as Mediterranean Harbor. I can tell you first hand, that this looks like Venice- it even has the sometimes maddening crowd problem, as the annual visitor numbers consistently hit the 8 to 10 million mark.

This terrific park opened in later in 2001, the same year that California Adventure became a reality. My hunch is this is why the passionate on-line Disney community was so upset with getting DCA. Even a comparitive glance between the two parks reveals who lost in the battle of the second gates. The good news? Tokyo Disney Sea also proves what the company is capable of when given the time, freedom, and budget to design a theme park. Or in the case of DCA, enhancement and redesign of a park.
Count me among the hopeful.

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