April 3, 2008

Idol Flashback

Gotta love Simon. He does tell it like it is, even though he is not always kind. After six and one half seasons of "American Idol", he clearly has the best ear for music and the most polished taste. This year's finalists are somewhat interesting. That said, due to lack of compelling contestants, I skipped 2007's American Idol altogether. The year before, 2006, was an entirely different story.

Chris Daughtry was compelling, Taylor Hicks nice, sometimes annoying but always quirky, and Mandisa big and beautiful. But a young man with a cropped haircut and warm heart captured alot of well-deserved attention: Elliott Yamin.

About this time two years ago, Yamin really began to stand out from the crowd. An amazing and confident version of "Moody's Mood for Love" was followed by a variety of interesting and varied performances, including a powerful version of Queen's "Somebody to Love". From 40s standards to Old School R&B, Elliott could sing it all. Even though he was not crowned as the year's Idol, it was his rich and soulful performance of "A House is Not a Home" during the finale that showed America this kid had "it"- charm, talent, and heart.

His debut album was a solid effort earning credibility beyond the Idol world. His Christmas album was honestly not my favorite piece of work, but I believe Elliott will wow me again. I believe it to my soul.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Elliott is a great performer who touched many people while on American Idol and still does. I have his first CD as well as his Christmas CD. love them both! My prayers are with Elliott during his time of loss. Mattie

Anonymous said...

i love what you wrote about elliott yamin. you captured beautifully, what thousands, many thousands, thought at the time....and still do. he was my fav then, and is still my fav today. this young mans talent, i feel, is just getting warmed up.
and yes, i'm certain he will wow you again.

Tx said...

I can't wait for his new album. Working with Dianne Warren, that should, hopefully, wow a lot of people. Like you said on your post on the E-train, "I'll try to be around (and logged in!) more often." Promise? A House is not a Home...that would make my year!!