October 9, 2018

Discovery Bay Envisioned by Harper Goff

As with the iconic but unrealized Western River Expedition at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, there seems to be one and only one attraction that falls in the same legendary category when its come to Disneyland lore: Discovery Bay

Tony Baxter's labor of love never made it into Disneyland, although bits and pieces of it certainly show up in Disneyland Paris' lovely Discoveryland. His concept art can be found all over this blog.

But look at the piece above. It's not Tony's but rather the work of Harper Goff, one of the unsung heroes of Imagineering. His work for Disneyland as well as Epcot's World Showcase is among his most known, but this piece for Discoveryland is quite unknown. The color stying is quite unique and certainly would have made that corner of the park very different from all else around it. 

I'd rather have Discovery Bay than Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge as it would be a better, much stronger complement to the rest of the park, especially New Orleans Square. But that ship has sailed long ago.

(Concept art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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