July 4, 2018

Can We Please Be Unified and Thankful?

Today is American Independence Day. As we approach our 250th year in the next ten years or so, and given the current state of division and divisiveness in our country, I think it's time to stop and reflect on how good we actually have it. 

I travel all over the world for my work, and trust me- there is no country on earth where we are as free as we are in the United States of America! You can complain all you want about our government and our politicians. That's one of the great things about our country. You cannot do that everywhere. We have the wisdom of the founding fathers to thank for this, and we have the sacrifice of our military veterans to thank for keeping those liberties. 

To tie it all back to Disney, Imagineering great Herb Ryman created this incredible rendering for the American Adventure.  Back in 1979, EPCOT Center was coming to be realized, and the Disney suits needed pieces of concept art such as this one to excite the potential guests and to inspire corporations the world over to invest in the project.  As with all of Mr. Ryman's work, this piece brings out the dignity of the nation. 

So, today, July 4th, let us thank God Almighty for shedding His Grace on us!

(I wrote this last year, and it seems worth repeating...)

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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