May 8, 2018

Natalie Portman and Dior: The Female Double Standard

The female double standard is in full bloom, and here's an example: Natalie Portman's commercial for Miss Dior. I cringe everytime this comes on. 

Watch the whole thing. Physical violence as part of a relationship - not to mention as a tool to sell perfume- is just plain wrong.

Can you imagine what would happen if roles were reversed and a man did this to promote something old fashioned like Old Spice or something more appealing to a younger crowd such as Acqua Di Gio for Men? There would be an uproar. And there should be!

"Correcting" a long existing problem of dominance and bullying of women from men in their lives is always the right thing to do- but not in a manner that imitates what's offensive to begin with. 

Everyone must play by the same rules.

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