April 1, 2018

Some Special Gift

Yes, it's true. Just for you and me and the whole earth - from the beginning of time. Jesus chose to lay down his life to redeem us from Hell. The Hell we deserve for our sin. Ever lie? Cheat? Slander? Then, his sacrifice via the cross was just for you. It's a gift that cost him much pain and sorrow. The only perfect gift for the payment of our sin. No one and nothing else. We can't earn it. But if you receive this gift of eternal life by choosing and following Him, believing He is God in the flesh and payment for your sin, rising from death to life, it is yours. Your life it's a gift back to Him that will bless him. Yes, something special.

Easter Sunday morning- the Triumph of Jesus over sin and death- for our benefit! Never a victim- always a champion. Preachers everywhere should remember this! As should the people He gave his life for. There's only ONE way to Heaven, and that's through the sacrificial gift of the life of Jesus. God wasn't being a bigot by making it this way. He was keeping it simple. Now you know- what are you going to do about it?

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Len Yokoyama said...

God is good...no doubt whatsoever!