December 31, 2017

Hollywood's Dark Kingdom Dominates 2017 News

When USA Today reads like the National Enquirer or the National Sex Offenders Registry, you know its been a bad news year. You'd think we'd only be talking world events and politics, but it was truly the year when Hollywood's evil underside was exposed. 

With Hollywood's penchant for covering it all up for as long as possible, these new stories almost makes you forget Bill Cosby. Let's look at just a few of the famous faces.

With Hillary Clinton in 2012.

Starting with Harvey Weinstein. The guy is just messed up. Royally.

Harvey going all the way to the top.

It seems just about everyone in film and politics, from Washington D.C. to Hollywood and beyond, interacted with him. Actresses were offered much more of him than they may have wanted. Just a look at his potential conquests, and you've got a whole slew of top Hollywood stars.

Always had an idea something was going on.

Next up, Kevin Spacey. Unlike Harvey, his tastes run toward males. But young ones, apparently. Finally coming out as gay (what a shock, he said mockingly), this gifted actor is accused by many men as being another predator. Both here is the U.S. and across the pond. So sad.

A sick little Halloween joke, Bryan?

Kevin's Hollywood party pal Bryan Singer, producer of X-Men, is accused of raping an underaged teen. His all too well known notorious Hollywood escapades have long exposed his taste for young and early teen boys.

Oh no! Not you too, John!

This next one absolutely kills me- Pixar's John Lasseter joins the list of men pressing in for some unwanted sexual excitement. Rumors persist that Disney executives at the top, including Robert Iger, have been quietly paying off victims for years. Money has always been king in Hollywood and in Washington D.C.; we've all seen too many men and women of all persuasions, backgrounds, and beliefs sell out for positions which promise money, power, and the freedom to live without apparent restraint.

Like all of us, they're innocent until proven guilty. Yet regardless of the outcome, eternal judgment awaits, and these guys also have to live with the memory of what they've done. Thankfully, Jesus offers fully payment for their sin and forgiveness for all who would repent. 

Certainly, 2017 will be the year that the criminal activity in Hollywood will be better remembered than the films the studios had made. May 2018 be a better year in so many ways.

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