October 28, 2017

Miracles from Molecules Indeed

Isn't this a beauty? Perhaps you've seen this in person or maybe you weren't fortunate enough to personally ride Disneyland's iconic attraction Adventure Thru Inner Space. And this great piece of concept art is only a look at the exit platform of the journey. Yes, the exit. Hard to believe. (Click on it in order to see it in a very, very large size.)

With no question, Tomorrowland 1967 was the best incarnation of the land. 

Everything before- and certainly everything after- pales in comparison to what Walt Disney and his Imagineers put together. As with Pirates of the Caribbean, the genius didn't get to see this at opening. Individual attractions may have been terrific since, thinking Space Mountain here, but the sum of the whole was never better than what guests found in the Spring of '67. Toss in the eye catching Peoplemover and the Carousel of Progress, and you've got the core of an incredible land on the move. 

Perhaps when Star Tours goes by the wayside after Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens, the suits can let the space it occupies revert to something far better- by looking backward as they look forward.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.) 


The Disney Dudebro said...

That attraction was certainly ahead of my time, what with me being a product of '87. Even if I were alive to ride it, I live on the East, so I wouldn't have been able to ride it either way.

Sadly, while Disney World is the better park, it did not receive the better attraction. Instead of a Journey into Inner Space, it received a ride about...airplanes. Something most people probably rode to arrive at the park.

As for what's new, I'd hope they don't get ride of Star Tours, even though they have a new land for the franchise. It's still an awesome ride.

Mark Taft said...

ATIS was a great ride! That said, I've learned to appreciate the differences between all the parks and the attractions that are duplicated. Some are better than those in other places, others worse. One thing is certain- I'll never truly understand all that the suits deem right when it comes to additions and subtractions of rides, shows, and attractions.