August 16, 2017

Second Day of Firsts- My Miracle Boy Enters Kindergarten

Even though it came a day late, here is another sweet young boy and his first day at school. You might remember an earlier post, years ago actually, when I shared my daughter was pregnant. The doctors knew something wasn't right and did a scan. The child was suffering from Dandy Walker Syndrome and as a result of many complications and factors would be born with at least a quarter of his brain missing. Naturally, they suggested abortion.

My daughter and her husband refused, and instead the entire family began praying. Months later, with just a week or so before delivery, they scanned him again. No change. We all prepared for the baby to be born with special needs, accepting what God had chosen to allow.

Surprise! The day of delivery, our little guy was born 100% normal and healthy! The doctors did more tests and more scans. They confirmed that he was normal in every way. (And of course, he's adorable!) Some on the medical staff rightly and honestly attributed it to God's intervention. Others, of course, decided they must have misdiagnosed. What some people will go through to deny the existence of God! Incredible.

But here he is, 5 years later now in kindergarten. I call him my "Miracle Boy". So proud of him- and so thankful to God!

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