August 30, 2017

Everyone, Everywhere

That is the Good News message that Jesus Christ came to deliver. He and he alone is the perfect payment for the penalty of death for the sins of us all against a holy and righteous God. No other God and no other religion delivers the goods.

Dr. Erick Schenkel's short but powerful book reminds readers the truth of the original message often lost among contemporary Christianity. And its just not pie in the sky theology- the author and his family lived for many years in Central Asia, enduring real life persecution, almost losing their lives due to an unwarranted attack because they were Christians in a Muslim country. Yes, this actually took place in the 21st Century and not hundreds of years ago. Believers still endure for the sake of the God they love and who loves them (and the peoples that persecute them!)

Pick up the book, and prepare to be moved.

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