April 21, 2017

Even More Peter Ellenshaw on Tokyo Disney Sea

Imagineer Peter Ellenshaw has done some amazing concept pieces for Tokyo Disney Sea! I've already shown a few on this blog, but I have some more to show. Here's Lost River Delta from the air. From the beautiful purple blue sky, the temple for Indiana Jones stands above the jungle tree line, drawing brave guests into an exploration never to be forgotten.  The Crystal Skull may have been a relative artistic flop of a movie due to George Lucas and his alien insistence, but the story the Imagineers created for the attraction - long before the movie was even considered - is first class from any angle. You could say that about the entire park, though, couldn't you?

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Len Yokoyama said...

Fantastic article as always Mark! Whets my appetite even further for a return visit to Disneysea in the fall!

Lynda said...

Wonderful art by artist and Disney Legend, Peter Ellenshaw

Mark Taft said...

Thanks for reading, Lynda!