February 3, 2017

Tokyo Disney Sea from the Air

It's not everyday you see Disney Imagineering concept art that's new to the eye. Here's a beautiful piece, a look at Tokyo Disney Sea from the air by Imagineer Peter Ellenshaw. It's moody, warmly atmospheric, and it's almost impressionistic in its look. Mount Prometheus and the Mysterious Island - iconic in their Jules Verne beauty stand out among the other areas waiting to be discovered in the park. 

The Oriental Land Company took a major financial risk in building this most beautiful and very, very expensive of all Disney parks. It's paid off handsomely as Tokyo Disney Sea is one of the most visited parks in Disney history- and one of the most coveted by fans that don't live in Japan. I'd say it puts Shanghai Disneyland to shame many times over.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


David Logan said...

Mark, this is beautiful! I like how the details are near impossible to make out. It almost seems like there's a Skull Rock on the face of Mount Prometheus. Where did you find this piece?

Mark Taft said...

Glad you like it! I love it too. Unfortunately, I can't give you my sources, but I will say watch the blog for more like this.
Thanks, David!