January 14, 2017

Vog Has Its Uses...

So I decided to head down to Diamond Head late afternoon to try and photograph the sunset. A lot of my photographer friends have been posting amazing images with intense colors shot at both sunrise and sunset. The reason is the volcano on the Big Island is very active, spewing tons of lava into the ocean. It's always amazing to see God's handiwork in action, witnessing the creation of land mass and island expansion. The downside is having to deal with vog...a form of air pollution that occurs when sulfur dioxide and other gases mixed with the oxygen in the air. It can be especially difficult on senior citizens, young children, and people with asthma or allergies. The upside is the incredible colors produced during the sun's entrance and exit. If there are clouds in the sky, it's an added bonus.

It's been a pretty rough week (which I'll cover in a future post), so it was nice to get away and enjoy some quiet solitude. Just me, my camera, and the sunset. Oh yes, there were a few tourists...and a couple of local fishermen...and some nude sunbathers...but otherwise, quiet solitude.

Have a blessed weekend I & S readers!

  (Photo copyright Len Yokoyama 2017)

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