November 11, 2016

Shanghai Disneyland at Its Best

Say the words "Shanghai Disneyland", and I'm sure you'll get a thousand different responses, everything from a head nod up and down to a puzzled look. Business analysts watch closely, Disney's competitors more so, and certainly governments are keeping a close eye on everything. 

While Disney park fans drool over Tron Lightcycles and the new version of Pirates of the Caribbean, bloggers such as the always excellent Mint Crocodile from Magic Eye give viewers a close up and personal look at a park many will never visit.

So far, my opinion on the park has been mixed. I love Disney's  "Castle parks", and on that alone, a visit might be on my list. When you add Tron Lightcycles to the mix, well, the urge to go gets even stronger. On the negative end, the castle seems to do little for me. Chunky, clunky, and a bit showy for its own sake, I'm just not impressed. However, these photos from Mint do take my breath away a bit. Why?

Mickey Avenue looks its very best as taken in photo one, and a zoomed in version of the same photo presents the castle in a much better light. I wonder how many more shots like this will change my opinion of the place.

I'm certainly looking forward to additional posts on Magic Eye about the trip to Shanghai. If you've missed part one, start here.

(Photographs copyright Mint Crocodile.)

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