June 13, 2016

Time to Look Inside

It's time to look inside, people! We cry hatred over the shootings in Orlando, and rightfully so- but we need to look inside and discover our own pride and hatred and selfishness- even against those who do such horrible things. We have to hold individuals responsible for their choices, instead of just the groups they represent or lumping every similar sounding group into one. That's just perpetuating more hate. A cheap shot that doesn't hold up under close scrutiny. And using this situation to push a political agenda is deplorable- whether it comes from ISIL/ISIS, Christian groups, gay groups, anti-gun, pro-gun, etc- it doesn't matter. Love should come first.

God Himself had to pay the price for our brokenness, our rebellion, our pride, our hatred, our sin. All our sin. And He did it through Jesus dying on the cross in our place  We need Him, I need Him, you need Him. Living in a lost world. God have mercy on us!

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