June 10, 2016

Home Free

Modern day heroes are few and far between. If it isn't actors running amok, singers losing their decency, athletes acting as if they are above the law, or normal everyday people like you and me living for ourselves instead of something greater, it's our society and government pushing us to the lowest common denominator.

Tim Tebow stands out. And the man need our prayer support.
Here's a great article from CBN News:

"Tim Tebow has tasted success on and off the football field, but it was an experience in a village in the Philippines that made a huge impact on his life.
He spoke about his experience on the Church Boys Podcast, which was written up in a story by The Blaze.
"It's not about how much you have in your bank account. It's about the lives that you've changed, so that's what I want my life to be about," said Tebow.
Life is lived through a dash, Tebow said. "When we die, there's going to be a dash in between the date we were born and the date that we died, and that dash is going to represent everything we did in our life."
The college football star said that his life was changed in an experience he had as a teenager on a mission trip to the Philippines.
He came across a child during the trip whose feet were backwards, which is considered a curse. Tebow said he had the opportunity to carry the boy and tell the village that he was not cursed, but loved by God.
The experience led Tebow to open a hospital called CURE in the Philippines that helps children specifically with orthopedic needs.
He has continued to use his fame to help those in need on a new television show he is co-hosting, called "Home Free." He described the show as having an overarching theme of love and sacrifice. "We have a chance to change people's lives," he said.
The show gives nine deserving couples the chance to win their dream house. They are challenged to revive one run-down home each week, and do the best job they can to stay in the competition and move forward.
"Every single one of them will get a home. They will be playing for their personal heroes who have done amazing things," said Tebow.
"One of our contestants was a hero in Afghanistan and got blown up, and the man he's playing for was the person who came back in battle and picked him up and carried him off the battlefield and saved his life. Another one of our contestants is playing for a woman who randomly donated her kidney to her father when he was on dialysis," said Tebow.
Tebow says that he is grateful for the platform God has given him to reach others through playing football and he says humility is central to living a life of faith.
"The only thing that we've been called to brag about is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because He's the one that did everything for us and He overcame death and hell and everything else and He's the reason that we get to stand in victory, because we know Him and we love Him."
"Home Free" will debut on the Fox Network on June 16."

(Photograph and text copyright CBN News.)

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