April 6, 2016

Another World

Without a doubt, the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, "China's Disney Park" as it's smartly been referred to, will be an incredible experience that draws Disney theme park fans to a different part of the world. Using the world of Tron, Pirates of the Caribbean, worlds of fantasy, and of dinosaurs and more, guests will be deeply immersed into another world.

Yet, just around the corner in a sense is another world. One where the majority of the earth's population live. It's a rustic, hard life, kind of world. One where folks survive on what they can scrape by with. One of minimal industry and business, mostly an agricultural world, where - shocker- people still kill the animals they raise as a food source. For these children, beef, pork, chicken and lamb, are not found at the local grocery store but instead in their back yard... if they are fortunate enough.

There's a world of poverty out there. Like you, I see it sometimes on the news, but I've also seen it in real life as well. It's totally heartbreaking, but it is also encouraging to realize groups of followers of Jesus like Compassion International are working to ease hunger among children. Won't you join them? Just click here

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company. Photo copyright Mark Taft.)

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