January 25, 2016

The First Walt Disney World Map

Here it is for your viewing pleasure: the very first map I ever saw of Walt Disney World. Looking at this illustration of the soon to open Magic Kingdom was all it took for me to convince my folks to take a trip to Central Florida. It still has its charms with its very distinctive 1960's design aesthetic. 

Just look at 20K Leagues Under the Sea up at the top with its huge lagoon and mysterious caverns! Liberty Square and the Hall of Presidents. A brand new castle and the Country Bear Jamboree. So much to see, not counting the futuristic Contemporary Resort and the tropical Polynesian Village.f

Passport to Dreams Old and New is one heck of a site. One that provided this map. In fact, there's a whole article about the first ten year's of Magic Kingdom maps, and it can be found here.  But there's more on this site worth your time: in depth articles, rare photographs, and investigative reporting. One of the best out there is you love Walt Disney World history.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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