January 17, 2016

Sunday with Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones Adventure. After two decades of Imagineering's best thrills for Disneyland guests, the iconic attraction continues to pull in the numbers. Here's a nice piece of seldom seen concept art for an alternative entrance to the Adventureland excursion, including a nice section of the Disneyland Railroad worked into the design. 

If you can't make it to California, there's always a newer version to be found at Tokyo Disney Sea. Unfortunately, it's saddled with the Crystal Skull theme, now forever ruined by the 4th film and George Lucas' insistence on making aliens a centerpiece plot line.

Will an Indy transport attraction ever make it to Florida at Disney's Hollywood Studios? Rumors swirl, fans ask, and maybe even Imagineers plan. As Star Wars Land keeps guests anticipating the future, more news tends to suggest the location for it is changing, perhaps even keeping the famous Indy stunt show open... as perhaps a precursor to an entire Indy themed land. Let's hope so!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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