December 22, 2015

New Shanghai Disneyland Map

Here's the latest Shanghai Disneyland map in the brightest display and the strongest resolution I've ever seen. It looks to be fantastic!

If the reports are right, the park is not even close to completed. There's still large amounts of greenery to go in and well as some major work to be done on attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and even the centerpiece, Enchanted Storybook Castle

We will have to wait and see if that Spring 2016 opening really occurs or if Robert Iger needs to make another speech about how important China is to the company... while there are more delays. Time will tell, but for now, click on this and enjoy!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Terrance T said...

This looks very interesting due to the fact that Adventureland or rather Adventure Isle is on the bottom right where Tomorrowland is normally.

Mark Taft said...

It is very interesting Terrance! I love how this park has a feel and design all its own!