December 8, 2015

But First It Will Piss You Off

You can happily attribute this slightly rough quote to me. It's from my never coming book, "You Can't Make Anyone Do Anything!":

"The truth will set you free- but first it will piss you off."

This is the reality of the words of God. From the Old Testament to the New, the truth can be difficult and at the same time truly heartbreaking, angering us at the very core of our being. However, when we learn to accept the truth as defined by God, the words of Jesus ring true, bringing freedom from our bondage, peace to our anger, and healing our hardness of heart. (See John 8:32 in the New Testament.)

It's only when we are honest with God about ourselves and our sin- yes, sin-  and cry out for forgiveness and mercy that He will step in to bring full forgiveness and eternal hope. Then, the game changes. It's a brand new beginning! God makes all things new: our lives as well as our future. We move from death to life, and from Hell to Heaven for all eternity. 

No one else could pay or does pay with their life to be the perfect and complete sacrifice for our sin. You can't even do it.  Not Allah, not Buddha, nor any one of the multitude of Hindu gods can either. Only Jesus Christ- and he finished the great work the Father had given him to do because of His great love.

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