October 16, 2015

Why Disney Will Not Build a Park in the Middle East

On Wednesday of this week, Alain Littaye of the wonderful Disney and More site told us why Disneyland Australia never came to be. Today, I'm going to explain why Disneyland Dubai is still unbuilt.

Look at the image above. (Click on it for its largest size. It's stunning.  You can see a version of Cars Land and Star Wars Land both incorporated into the design ) Do you wonder why Disney hasn't built the incredibly beautiful Dubai Disneyland? It's a combination of events and philosophies that conflict with The Walt Disney Company's lust for cash.

With of all the media's love of the glitzy glamour of Dubai and the Middle East in general- they after all do give very choice incentives for the film studios to bring productions to the region (i.e. Star Wars)- it cannot take away form the fact that the Middle East is a region of unrest and therefore, one that is fairly unsafe. 

Jews, Muslims, Christians of all types should be able to live together peacefully. But as you will see in this video- violence is king. From the pulpit of a mosque, the imam shows his congregation how to stab a Jew.  A man of faith? A man of a religion stating peace is an objective? How to stab a Jew!?! Is anyone as outraged as I am?

Disturbed people of all faiths invoke the unthinkable, and in the Middles East, a hotbed of strife for centuries, the unthinkable happens all too often. For the Walt Disney Company, where money speaks- and in Hollywood several prominent Jews are involved and influential- they are conflicted between their greed and lust for dominance and the personal beliefs of those prominent in the company and the media community. This is why Disney will not build there. Without further delay, here's a ugly and very disturbing video I received, accompanied from this email message passed on to me from a friend living overseas:

Yesterday, I wrote about Sheikh Mohammad Abu Rajab, who, during a sermon in the Al Abrar Mosque in Rafah, Gaza, demonstrated the way to stab a Jew.  

I knew there was a video of his “sermon,” but it seemed to be unavailable – I couldn’t access it and so put up a still photo. Bad enough, to see a member of the Muslim “clergy” brandishing a knife from the pulpit.

Now I have located the video, which comes from MEMRI. It was broadcast via Internet, and Abu Rajab himself makes note of this, because the message goes far and wide this way. Internet, and social media, have been used extensively in inciting during the current violence by the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

No- Disney will not build there anytime soon.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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ClaudeHSmoot said...

People of all faiths can cause violence. But it is alien, to me, to see such a tacit acceptance of violence to achieve spiritual goals among radical muslim religious leaders. When the Western World bombs something it is done for economic or political reasons, or for a non-religious "moral" reason. That doesn't mean it is a just or even smart reason. Islam is so pervasive in its teachings that everything is done for Allah, that if you bomb something it too must be done for Allah. Most Christians have to deal with the conflict of deciding if they could produce violence while realizing it is the antithesis of Christ's teachings. There are no virgins in Heaven for Christians or Jews for that matter. Probably no Disneyland either.