July 16, 2015

The Temple of Doom

Take a good look at this statue, one to be unveiled soon. It's an unbelievable attraction that will be a drawing card to those who choose not to resist the temptation, a real Temple of Doom of sorts. One that Indiana Jones himself would shudder at seeing.

The Detroit Free Press has an article detailing plans for an 8 and 1/2 foot statue of the goat headed Satan to make its way into the Michigan property. Featuring the idol posed in a position that clearly mocks Jesus as portrayed in traditional art, the creature is flanked by two children, one on each side, staring lovingly up into its face.

American is on a downward slope as evidenced by foolishness such as this. If God Almighty of the Ages- the only true God- was not pleased with the Israelites of old for putting up with (if not flat out embracing) ancient heathen practices such a child sacrifice, the building of places of worship to false gods, and religious prostitution as an act of worship, how can He not judge our nation for embracing lifestyles and beliefs such as this that effectively spit in His Holy Face? Some Christian churches will refuse to speak up for the truth, just look away, or will embrace it as diversity. What a travesty before God!

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