July 3, 2015

Shanghai Disneyland's Jet Packs

Although the look of the area seems to be an altered take on the failed Tomorrowland film (sans Space Mountain), the concept for Shanghai Disneyland's futuristic area seems filled with some great ideas...and some of the normal character tie-ins as well.

Beginning with the Tron Light Cycle (Power Run) Coaster (in the lower right hand corner), the design aesthetic is clean, crisp, and for a city known for its horrible air quality, quite white. However, without the baggage of having to redesign the land due to changes in what is considered futuristic. Seems the only concession to be made is including Disney /Pixar characters such as Buzz Lightyear (expected) and Stitch (unfortunate).

Evening makes the park look even better!
The Imagineers are able to create something that is unified in feel.  Green space, water, and wide open spaces will give the area a relaxing, park-like environment which should be quite pleasing to the guests from the city who are used to crowded walkways and busy streets.

China's Disneyland.
Rumors abound as to what exactly will be going into this land of the future in addition to the Tron attraction as things keep changing, but something very exciting seems to be coming in place of the standard Rocket Jets / Astro Orbiter of other Magic Kingdoms

The patented design.

It was leaked as an attraction when the list of what was coming came out in a popular thread at WDW Magic. And later actually placed on the map from Alain at the great Disney and More website.

Jet Packs should be just across the bridge. 
Hidden for a reason in this concept art!

How about a new type of thrill ride that puts you in a jet pack a la The RocketeerWouldn't it be quite a jolt of adrenaline to fly in the skies over Shanghai Disneyland

Click for a large image listing all the park's attractions and their placement.

A close of up Tomorrowland. Jet Packs in the center.
Thanks to Alain Littaye from Disney and More for this piece.

Update July 17: A close up of the model.
I can imagine the queue they will build for the experience and the small number of guests who will actually get to ride the packs each day. Sounds a bit like a public relations nightmare, although you can rest assured, everything is always rosy in China's Disney park!

(Concept art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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