July 28, 2015

Going Home

As things would have it, I've been a little more than homesick lately. Denver certainly has its charms, and we've made our life here. Even though home is where my wife is, I'm still a stranger in a strange land.

It's not such much the place of Southern California as it is the life that is portrayed there. I mean, let's be honest, in addition to all the good and great things I love (the beaches, Disneyland, the vegetation, and more) and the fact so much of my family is there, the truth remains: It is one heck of an expensive place to live there the way I'd like to.

But I think its more than that. If you really knew me- and I mean not just through this blog- you'd understand what's in between the words. Perhaps its a bit worse as I'm feeling more than a bit of self-pity. A friend of mine gets to move home after several years away. I'm excited for him and a bit jealous. And it's even a beach town! I am thankful for so much of my life, and I guess I need to remember how good God has been to me... and continues to be.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, the truth is this is not my permanent home. Heaven is for all eternity. And God has put a longing for Him in my heart. It grows day by day. Home. It's all relative.

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