June 9, 2015

Official Art for Frozen Attraction at Epcot

Here it is- and let me say it- this is not a joke. This piece of official Disney concept art for Epcot's Frozen Ever After attraction can be found in an article posted by the Wall Street Journal

This rendering gives us just a small taste of what is coming. Even though I will continue to maintain that Frozen and its characters have absolutely no place in the Norway pavilion at World Showcase, the thought of a new attraction in this stale park does excite me a bit. But just a bit. Let's just hope it is much better than the butcher job the Imagineers (via the suits) did to the once elegant El Rio del Tiempo in Mexico. 

Tokyo Disney Sea will get the real, fully fleshed out attraction with a gorgeous port all around it, (article here), but for us in the U.S.A., we'll have to make do with a revamp of the old Maelstrom attraction coming our way May 1, 2016.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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