January 17, 2015

The Deconstruction of Condor Flats and Robert Iger's Big Bucks

You gotta hand it to both MouseInfo and Magic Eye! When you need the sites to come through with some great photos, they certainly do. 

Just as with our New Year's resolutions to improve ourselves, be it with health or spiritual resolutions, Disney is jumping in to transform California Adventure's Condor Flats into the Grizzly Peak Airfield.

The exterior transformation of Taste Pilot's Grille and the dismantling of the old mist spewing engine next to Soarin' Over California tell me that Imagineering is doing a serious revamp of the area- much more than new paint and a few new pines trees.

All the work should look fantastic when completed. This does bring up a serious question: Why does the Disneyland Resort seem to do so much better than Walt Disney World when it comes to "plussing" the parks and all around general maintenance? Even California's Frozen offerings are off the charts compared to the abysmal "attractions" offered at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Could it be the suits at the Walt Disney Company think they can fleece the buying public? I guess somebody has to pay for Robert Iger's $46 million dollar salary for 2014! 

(Photographs courtesy MouseInfo and Magic Eye.)

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