January 30, 2015

Mouthful of Broken Glass

I had the absolute weirdest dream last night. In my dream, my mouth was full of broken glass. When I asked the Lord about it, I sensed He asked me to deliver a message of warning but also of encouragement. I think the broken glass signifies it won't be received well by all. But in my quiet time I was reminded the oftentimes His words are not. So, here it is, said with love:

"Time is short. Remember the promises you made to me? The things you said you'd do for my sake? Now is the time to step out and move. Do not be satisfied in a life of existing. A life where you control what's around you. It's time to let your love for Me move from your head to your heart to your hands."

That's it. 

If you're a follower of Jesus Christ, I hope it's a blessing to you and a confirmation of something He has been speaking. It's as much a word for me as for any of you. I know He is with me, and that gives me strength and courage!

If it rings true, praise God. If not, forgive me and move on.

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