November 18, 2014

Why I'm Choosing California Adventure Instead of Disneyland This Christmas

Was this even necessary?

There's exactly one day that I can spend this year at the Disneyland Resort. One, and I had better choose wisely. So, I'm choosing California Adventure. The "whys" behind that choice may come as a surprise.

1- Freshness. The timing of my travels and the rebirth of California Adventure means I haven't seen it during the Christmas season. That alone is a big draw. What music do they play? What special treats are available? What's the entertainment like? The decor? As much as I hate to admit it, Disneyland is feeling old these days.

Christmas cuteness!

2- Less Overlays at California Adventure. Honestly, I'm tired of Haunted Mansion Holiday. Very tired of itI absolutely love Small World Holiday, and it is right in tune with the season.  Jingle Cruise just doesn't ring true with me. What's next? Santa's sleighs taking over Space Mountain? I've been to Disneyland many times during the Christmas season, and there are few places as charming during the holidays, but the truth is, sometimes less is more. Until the day comes that "Jingle Shells" moves over to Ariel's Undersea Adventure, I'll be thrilled to ride that Omnimover ride over and over.

3- Crowds. Yep, they will be there, that's a given. However, nothing can be worse than the "Small World Crush" of crowds after the parade. It should be illegal from a safety standpoint. If there was ever a fire, some people would not be able to leave safely. 

4- Buena Vista Street. Disney Imagineers wisely poured on the charm here, and I have yet to really explore it at a leisurely pace. The way it used to be at Walt's park decades ago. Can't wait!

5- Cars Land. This will be a major calling card for me for many years. The Cadillac Range is stunning, and everything they've done to the area is a work of Imagineering art in the old school highest degree. Toss in the mix of unique merchandise here and the pending loss of Luigi's Flying Tires (which I have yet to ride), and this a must do destination.

(Photos copyright the excellent Magic Eye website.)

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Len Yokoyama said...

Great choice Mark! Carsland is incredible and I wasn't even a moderate fan of the Pixar film. While I like the concept of Luigi's Flying Tires, I have to admit the ride itself is a big disappointment and I wasn't surprised to hear it's being scrapped.