October 14, 2014

Fun at Anderson Farms

It's not a day at Disneyland, but for some good, old fashioned fun in Denver, Colorado, it's hard to beat Anderson Farms!

This family owned farm has something for everyone. There's the famous corn mazes, acres and acres of mazes ranging from kid friendly beginners' mazes ti ones of great difficulty.

Then, it's time for a ride in a tractor pulled wagon out to 30 acres of pumpkins. And 28 varieties at that! I'd never seen a blue-ish pumpkin before and just had to buy it.

Our youngest daughter, her husband and kids. They make for a pretty sweet photo, don't you think?

Live country music, a kid's play area to beat any other I've seen, a full country market, horse rides, and much more- all for $12 per adult. What a great day- and what a perfect afternoon to get out of town and enjoy the Fall sun!

(Photographs copyright Mark Taft.)

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